A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The Ultimate Nerd Game is a game about building circuits. Build clocks, logic gates, and circuits of all kinds in this first person logic sandbox.

If you like TUNG, check out the community on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheUltimateNerdGame/

Published 12 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
GenrePuzzle, Simulation
TagsFirst-Person, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityConfigurable controls

Install instructions

Unzip the file and then run the extracted executable.


The Ultimate Nerd Game - v0.1.4 Windows.zip 117 MB
The Ultimate Nerd Game - v0.1.4 Mac OS.zip 125 MB

Development log


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Great game. Terrible name.



1st one to make windows 98 pc wins


What's a blotter do?

They let a signal travel in only one direction. Regular pegs/wires let signals travel both ways.


Ah, thanks.


This is amazing. THANK YOU for creating this !

I'm so happy you enjoy it :)

Stay tuned. There are many more updates coming.



me:need help

brother:nah dude

me:u sure

brother: (biulds nothing but a big block)


Thank you very, very much even for merely attempting to code this game. Learning needs to be fun to reach the Mommy's-Old-Cellphone-Generation, and this just might help. I'll get around to  installing it at our youth center and see if anyone tinkers with it.

Thank you for the kind words :) Let me know how it goes.

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Welp this is officially my new favorite game. Dear cool guy making this i have a few suggestions.  That aside gosh this is addictive xD my first time in and i just built a 4 bit alu. I really like the control,  sound,  and overall feel. I am 100% gonna make a ton of junk in this, starting with making a cpu to implement this isa

here is the alu and my world file if anyone wants it.  This game has serious p o t e n t i a l 

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Reading this made me melt. The whole time while making TUNG I felt so alone in my love for it because nobody I know IRL is into this stuff. That this is your favorite game is indescribably meaningful. I want to cry.

Please give me commenting privileges on your google doc (jimmycushnie@gmail.com) and I'll respond to all the suggestions. I don't have time tonight, but I'm excited to play with your save file tomorrow!

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Will you be releasing the game for Mac and Linux? Let me know if you need help installing Linux or testing your game on it!

YES PLEASE! I'm not sure what this runs on or if it is possible, but I would love to see this on the Raspberry Pi!

If it's made with Unity, then you can't build the game for the Raspberry Pi yet, AFAIK.

You can install android on the raspberry pi and compile to android arm and it will work.


I will be attempting to get those OSs working but no promises. Really hope I can do it, I want everyone to be able to play...

Out on mac, linux hopefully coming soon!


Looks awesome! Any chance you could sometime adapt it to work with macOS? I'm willing to play it but don't have Windows to run it on. Good luck with your project!

I hope I can get it running on mac/linux, I'll let you know if I do. Thanks for the kind words :)

Out on mac. Hope you enjoy the game :)